Pet In-House Laboratory

Veterinary laboratory services offer essential diagnostic testing for the health and well-being of animals, providing accurate analyses for conditions ranging from infectious diseases to nutritional deficiencies.


Pet In-House Laboratory

Our hospital’s in-house laboratory allows us to conduct various diagnostic tests. Our in-house laboratory services encompass comprehensive diagnostic testing capabilities directly within our facility, and they include:

  • Full chemistry panels provide detailed information about various blood components, including glucose, electrolytes, and liver enzymes.
  • CBC (complete blood count) analysis helps evaluate the cellular components of blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
  • Urinalysis aids in assessing kidney function, urinary tract health, and detection of urinary tract infections or metabolic disorders.

Rapid availability of these test results enables timely diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s medical condition. Although we provide a diverse array of in-house testing options, there are occasions when your pet may need laboratory procedures exceeding our internal capabilities. In these instances, we forward blood panels and other tests to external laboratories and specialized academic institutions to ensure thorough and precise diagnostics.